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It is our pleasure to present you with our Sixth Form Gŵyr/Bryn Tawe Partnership Prospectus.

The Partnership means that you can capitalise on an even greater choice of courses and benefit from a vast array of resources and a high level of expertise. There will also be an exciting opportunity for you to develop further within the valuable Welsh Baccalaureate qualification.

As well as preparing you to progress to college, university or to employment the Gŵyr/Bryn Tawe Sixth Form Partnership will provide you with a unique opportunity to socialise with old and new friends and to reap the benefits of a wealth of activities outside the classroom. But even more significantly, you can continue with your Welsh medium studies and profit from contributing to a bilingual community in the City and County of Swansea and beyond.

We sincerely hope that you are ready to meet the challenges ahead, to take the opportunities offered and to play your part in the success of the Gŵyr/Bryn Tawe Sixth Form Partnership.

Katherine Davies
Mrs Katherine Davies
Head Teacher Gŵyr
Simon Davies
Mr Simon Davies
Head Teacher Bryn Tawe

Why would you choose to study in a school rather than a college?

Gŵyr/Bryn Tawe Partnership prides itself on its ability to provide a varied, interesting and challenging experience in the Sixth form. The Partnership offers a variety of courses, qualifications and opportunities for all students. Our high AS and A Level results are testament to the hard work undertaken within the Partnership.

The Sixth Form Partnership has extensive experience of supporting the progress of each student to his/her full potential. Of course, the majority of the students are continuing their education in a familiar Welsh atmosphere as they have been pupils in both schools since Year 7. This atmosphere promotes the academic and personal development of all students. In conclusion, all students are able to develop the essential skills and personal attributes that are required in preparation for their future.

6th form pupils6th form pupils

What enrichment activities are available in the Sixth Form?

Sixth Form is about more than just academic study. We encourage students to participate in as many activities as possible. Here is a list of possible opportunities:

  • School Council.
  • Peer Mentoring and Educating Programmes
  • Sixth Form Committees
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award.
  • Expeditions to various countries
  • Sporting Competitions e.g. Rosslyn Park
  • Voluntary Experiences e.g. Vitalise.
  • Foreign Travel e.g. skiing, cultural and academic tours.
  • Cultural Activities e.g. Senior choirs and School productions.
  • Enterprise schemes e.g. Celtic Enterprise.
  • Debating and Public Speaking e.g. CEWC Cymru, Mock UN Conference.
  • Science Bursaries e.g. Nuffield project.
  • Being a Digital Leader.
  • Educational Initiatives e.g. EESW and Chemistry Olympiad.
  • Summer School activities e.g. medical and engineering experiences.
  • School Eisteddfod as well as the Urdd and Menter Iaith Activities.
  • Residential Courses e.g. Glanllyn, Llangrannog and Tresaith.
  • Community Work within the school and outside.
  • Social Experiences e.g. Sixth Form Christmas Ball.
  • Senior School Rugby and Netball Teams

Students from Gŵyr / Bryn Tawe Partnership are part of the HE+ scheme being run in collaboration with Cambridge University . Swansea schools work together to invite the most able students to participate in the scheme. It is an extracurricular opportunity that encourages students to apply to the best universities. HE+ offers opportunities in the following subjects: Languages, History, Social Sciences, Law and Politics, Business and Economics, Mathematics and Sciences. These opportunities stretch and improve their knowledge as well as enrich their learning.

What are the Sixth Form entry requirements?

To study a Level 3 course in the Sixth Form a good overall academic profile is needed. Therefore to gain course entry, this means a student requires:

  • At least five GCSE’s at C grade or above.
  • At least a grade C in English / Welsh and Maths
  • At least a C grade in your chosen subject (if previously studied) although Science and Maths requires a B grade or above for course
  • entry.
  • BAC Intermediate qualification

In exceptional circumstances where less than the entry requirements have been achieved, a student may be admitted on a trial basis.

The likelihood is that the majority of Year 12 students will study 3 AS subjects and their Advanced BAC qualification although it does depend on their GCSE results. In Year 13, students normally continue with the same three subjects but it is dependent on attaining satisfactory AS module examination results, grades A - E.

How to choose the right course in the Sixth Form?

When choosing courses, the following factors should be taken into consideration:

  • Interest in the subject?
  • Academically, how good you are in this
  • subject?
  • Nature of the assessment of the course.
  • The type of study required within the
  • subject?
  • GCSE results.
  • Ideas about possible careers?
  • Advice from the subject teachers.

It is important that the student decides upon the best combination of courses for them. This is done through a process of consultation between the individual student, parents and the home school. Once the information about a student’s possible choice of subjects is collected the school will use it to plan the timetables of both schools. Students are advised to consider carefully before making their choices as it could affect their personal timetable in Year 12. We do our best to accommodate all students’ preferred subject choices but there are times when this is not possible. An Induction Programme at the beginning of the Sixth Form will support students to ensure that he/she selects the appropriate courses in relation to his/her interests and ability. During this initial period, students will be able to change their subject choices.


What courses are offered?

Courses offered by the schools include:

  1. The Welsh Baccalaureate qualification (BAC).
  2. GCE Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and Advanced (A2) Level Courses.
  3. GCE courses in Applied Vocational Subjects.
  4. BTEC Courses
  5. Re-sit GCSE courses - core subjects.

Subjects that are offered:

  • Art
  • Biology
  • Business Studies
  • Computer Science
  • Chemistry
  • Childcare
  • Design and Technology
  • Drama and Theatre Studies
  • Electronics
  • Engineering
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • French
  • Geography
  • German
  • Health and Social Care
  • History
  • Information Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Media Studies
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Physics
  • Politics
  • Psychology
  • Public Services
  • Religious Studies
  • Spanish
  • Sports
  • Welsh

How do we guide and support Sixth Form students?

The schools make a special effort to assist members of the Sixth Form to choose suitable courses and subjects. Also during the first year in the Sixth Form the students have the opportunity of obtaining detailed instructions on how to adapt to the academic and social changes, which will affect them as a result of being members of the Sixth Form. The Form Tutor will help and guide students through the Sixth Form and the BAC mentor will regularly review progress during the academic year. An extensive PSE programme also helps to support a students’ development and prepare them for university, employment, apprenticeships and gap year programmes. The school counsellor is available to provide guidance for those experiencing any difficulties or uncertainties in their lives. The schools provide a broad service of careers and vocational guidance. The Careers Advisor works closely with the schools and the Heads of the Sixth Form. Some members of Year 11 are interviewed individually in order to support them with their post 16+ choices. The Careers Advisor is always available to discuss possible options with students and parents.

Problem solving

What else do I need to know?

Sixth Form Dress Code

Sixth form students are expected to maintain the highest possible standard of uniform which is as follows:

  • Black trousers/skirt, home school shirt and jumper.
  • Black shoes (no flip flops or open toed sandals)

The Gŵyr Sixth Form uniform is available from “The School Uniform Shop”, Tycoch. The Bryn Tawe uniform is purchased through the school.

Sixth Form Learning Centres and Common Room

Both schools have a Learning Centre for the Sixth Form. Both Centres are available for students within the Partnership for independent research and study time. Computers are located in the Learning Centres with access to the internet. Students in the Sixth Form are expected to allocate free lessons as study periods on their timetable in order to make full use of the Study Centre. The Common Room is a centre for relaxing and socialising during free lessons not allocated as study periods. Students in the Partnership are welcome to use the Common Room at both schools. The canteens at both schools are open all day to all students from the Partnership.


Lwfans Cynnal Addysg (LCA)

Bydd cyfle i unrhyw aelod o’r Chweched geisio am y lwfans sydd yn ddibynnol ar gyflog rhieni.


The conditions of the allowance are:

  • The allowance is paid directly into the students’ bank account each fortnight.
  • Students will receive the allowance only if the schools are satisfied with their attendance, academic work and behaviour.

Transport within the Partnership

If a student studies a subject/subjects taught in a partner school, the transport arrangements will be as follows:

  • Student attends the home school in the usual manner at the beginning of the day.
  • A shuttle bus will be provided to transport students from one campus to the other.
  • All students will be returned to their home school by the end of the day and transported home in the usual manner.
  • If students intend to use personal modes of transport between schools e.g. a lift by a parent, it is important that the home school is notified.
  • If students decide to travel to school by car or motorcycle regularly, the Head of Sixth Form at the home school should be informed so that they can receive further guidance, especially regarding parking.
Rugby Team

What's it like being a Sixth Former?

Tomos Morris

Tomas Morris

I’m one of the head pupils at Gŵyr, studying History, Welsh, French and the Welsh BAC. My goal is to study Law /French and International Relations and a long-term ambition of mine is to work abroad, especially in France. In due course I also aim to learn Spanish to spread the countries I can work in. One of the highlights of the Sixth form in year 12 was the skiing trip. It was an unforgettable experience because of the opportunity to socialise with friends and teachers. This year, I had the opportunity to deliver a speech in the Senedd in a public speaking competition and this will stay in my memory forever! With the great success and tradition of sports in the school, I have had the opportunity to succeed with the 1st team in rugby and seven-aside rugby team as well as the football teams.

Gwilym Powell

Gwilym Powell

I’m one of the head pupils at Gŵyr, studying History, Geography, Religious Studies and the Welsh BAC. I hope to proceed to university to complete a History degree with the intention then of becoming a History teacher in a secondary school. There have been many highlights in the Sixth Form for me. I have enjoyed the close relationship forged between students and teachers - this has appealed to me. It creates an amicable and friendly working partnership and I believe that I have benefited greatly from it. In addition, the winning of the Ospreys schools rugby league last year was memorable and a rewarding experience after a hard and long year of rugby.

Poppy Jones

Poppy Jones

I’m one of the head pupils at Gŵyr, studying Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths along with the Welsh Baccalaureate. After leaving Gŵyr I hope to do a degree in Physics at Warwick University. I have really enjoyed my time in the Sixth form and I have taken advantage of the many opportunities being offered to me. One highlight was my skiing trip. The week was fantastic even though I have spent half the time falling on the slopes! – a wonderful and unforgettable experience. I do also enjoy the STEM group, which I helped to establish for pupils in years 7, 8 and 9. This is a club that provides opportunities for pupils interested in science to do various activities. Much support is available to establish clubs of this nature in the Sixth form. Another highlight was assisting on a residential course to Llangrannog. The trip was very worthwhile – although it was a difficult task to ensure that year 6 rooms were kept tidy!

Morganna Clarke

Morganna Clarke

I’m one of the head pupils at Gŵyr, studying Biology, Chemistry, English Literature and the Welsh Baccalaureate. Next year, I hope to follow a Zoology degree course. I have enjoyed helping out in a lunchtime homework club to help the year 7 pupils complete their tasks. I also organize the STEM club to stimulate interest in Science for the junior pupils. A highlight of the sixth form was achieving the Duke of Edinburgh Gold award. The expedition was a special experience and a challenging one especially in the wind and rain! The Sixth form parties have been entertaining this year and have helped us to develop and intensify the relationship between Gŵyr students and Bryn Tawe students. The parties are also a good opportunity to raise money for the different charities we support. I feel welcomed and at home at Gŵyr and the school has heavily influenced my interests and future goals.

Nerys Williams

Nerys Williams

I am the Head girl at Bryn Tawe this year and am currently studying Welsh, History and Music at A Level. I hope to go on to study Welsh at University and to follow a career in education. My hobbies reflect my passion for music and I have had the opportunity to be a part of several choirs’ and orchestras’ both in and outside of school. I also enjoy writing poetry in my spare time. Socialising and relaxing with friends is important to me and you’ll often find me at the cinema with friends on a Saturday afternoon.

Gwen Williams

I am the Deputy Head girl at Bryn Tawe this year and am studying Welsh, Drama and Media studies. I hope to go on to study Music and Drama in Cardiff and follow a career in acting, hopefully on the West End! My main interests are within the performing arts and particularly enjoy musical theatre and participating in choirs. As part of my media studies course I have a real interest in developing artistic compositions which allows me to develop my creative skills.


Adam Walters

I’m the current Deputy Head Boy at Bryn Tawe and am studying Maths, Physics, Engineering and the Welsh Bac. In my spare time I play rugby for the school team and take part in many charity activities in school. I would like to study Mechanical Engineering at Cardiff University.

Llyr Davies

Llyr Davies

I’m the current Head Boy at Bryn Tawe, and I’m studying PE, Biology, Geography and the Welsh BAC. In my spare time I’m water boy for the school rugby team, and I also help train the rugby team. I enjoy supporting charity events at school. I hope to study Physiotherapy at Cardiff University. In my spare time I enjoy keeping fit by playing rugby, I also volunteer with St John’s Ambulance and work as a Life Saver at Aberavon and this helps me prepare for emergency situations and helps me develop the necessary skills for the future.